Athletic Forms

Insurance Form

  • Print the Insurance Form

  • The form must be completed and returned to your coach before your first practice.

  • If you are covered under your parents’ family insurance policy, provide the information in section A. Be sure to check that the policy covers athletic injuries and/or treatment.

  • If you are covered under your own insurance policy, please provide the information requested in Section B. Be sure to check that the policy covers athletic injuries and/or treatment.

  • If you are not covered by any insurance policy, or if you feel you need additional insurance coverage, there are student insurance policies available for Minnesota West students. Information on these are available from your coach or the Student Services Office. It will be on your option to purchase or decline this coverage.

Physical Form

  • Print the Physical Form Below

  • Schedule a physical exam with your physician. Have the physician complete the form. Return it to your coach prior to your first practice.

  • NJCAA requires students participating in intercollegiate athletics to pass a complete physical examination, to be certified as physically fit to participate in practice and in play, and to keep the results on file with the college.

Release of Information Form

Release of Information




1.       Sign a Waiver so MN West staff can help with Admissions, Financial Aid and Housing. Scan and Email back to:  Waiver is attached.


2.       Get your Final copy of your Official Transcript with Graduation Date on it- Bring it with you.


3.       Complete all financial aid and loan paperwork  PRIOR TO ARRIVING ON CAMPUS.  Make sure the name on your financial aid application is the same as what is on your social security card.


  1.  Taxes must be translated to English  (If this applies to you)
  2.  Copy of letter for non-filer status  (If you or your parent did not file taxes)


4.       Bring your Social Security Card, your Birth Certificate and/or your Driver’s License, NOT COPIES, this is for Work Study paperwork.  The originals will be photocopied here, and given back to you.


5.       Bring a Copy of your Health Insurance Card and completed Health Insurance Paperwork that is attached to this email.


6.       Bring a Copy of your Immunization Records this information is attached to this email.


7.       Bring a current Physical performed by a doctor so you can complete eligibility. The physical form is also attached to this email.




Housing Guidelines 

Immunization Form

Insurance Form

Physical Form

Release Document