Athletic Academic Retention Program


The purpose of the Student-Athlete Academic Retention Program is to promote the importance of YOUR college education. The program provides educational assistance to help YOU receive the full benefits of YOUR education experience and to ensure that participation in athletics enhances, rather than detracts from, achieving academic excellence.

Key Components

  • Academic Planning and Advising- An advisor will assist you in choosing classes, assessing progress towards degree attainment, and taking advantage of appropriate support services. You must consult with your advisor prior to registration for classes and/or making adjustments to your schedule. 
  • Organized Study Program-
    • A. Weekly study hours (3 minimum) in LARC
    • B. Freshman athletes*, those enrolled in developmental studies courses, Sophomore and/or transfer student-athlete whose G.P.A. is below 2.50, and any student-athlete who has been referred by an instructor during the grade check process. *(see your coach for exemptions)
    • C. A professional (LARC staff) closely monitors the study area during all hours of operation to ensure a quiet environment where you can study, meet with an assigned tutor, use the computer center, or research in the library. A monitor must approve all request to leave the assigned area while you are still logged in. 
    • D. Student-Athletes login via GradesFirst and logout at the computer terminal located in the LARC. Head coaches receive updates every Monday and Wednesday during the semester
  • Academic Monitoring 
    • A. Three-four times each semester (every 3-4 weeks) academic progress reports will be given to faculty members via GradesFirst. These reports will monitor attendance, participation, timely completion of assignments, current grade, and a brief evaluation of your overall performance. 
    • B. Student-Athletes who receive an unsatisfactory report may be required to participate in additional hours/academic activities during the next grade check period.
    • C. Feedback from these reports allows the retention coordinator/coach an immediate opportunity for academic/behavior intervention.
    • D. The Retention Coordinator will monitor these reports to help ensure that you are making progress toward reaching your academic goals.